Heather John, M.S., CCC-A

Clinical Audiologist

Heather John is a clinical audiologist with diverse experience in all areas of audiology. She received clinical training at Mayo Clinic (cochlear implants and vestibular disorders), the Phoenix Indian Medical Center (pediatric hearing disorders), and the Southern Arizona Veteran’s Medical Center (blast trauma and noise induced hearing loss), and she was a full merit scholar during graduate school at the University of Arizona. She served as director of audiology for a Tucson-based ENT group, where she oversaw hearing loss and balance disorders at the UMC Neonatal ICU and the U of A Cancer Center.

After several years as lead audiologist, she began consulting for injuries involving head trauma, ototoxic medications, and blast and noise exposure. After a decade as a clinician, Heather moved into clinical management. She established clinical protocols for testing, treating, and delivering hearing devices in 14 clinics across four states, including Arizona and New Mexico. She was awarded New Employee of the Year and Best New Regional Manager.

Longing to return to patient care, she joined the U.S. Department of Defense as a deployment and safety officer for the U.S. Army. She assessed safety protocols for hearing as well as diagnosis and treatment for active-duty soldiers and their families. The hearing devices helped their hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing in the ears) but also contributed to relief for PTSD. She is most proud of the work her team contributed to this endeavor. Serving the Army was a great joy, but Safford kept calling. Heather and her husband now live on his family’s cotton farm. She serves as the new president for the Safford Rotary Club and contributes to the special-needs group with the local Women’s Club (GFWC). Her weekends are filled with family, gardening, and renovating their 100-year-old homestead.